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Save $10 when you enroll in my NEW class by 6/26!

10 Halloween Class Party Ideas

It's spooky season, which means it's class party season!

I've helped in my share on class parties over the years, and they are SO MUCH FUN. So busy, but fun. 

If I had to give just ONE tip, I'd say don't save your prep for last minute. Target will inevitably be onto Christmas if you show up October 28th looking for candy corns. ;)

However if you do decide to procrastinate, I've added a few last minute ideas below!

Here are my top ten favorite Halloween class party ideas:

Giant Coloring Poster

This is one of my favorite activities for class parties - or at home! And the size of this poster makes it even better. Print out a giant Halloween coloring poster as a blueprint from Staples. It'll cost you about $3, depending on the size, and they can print it in under 24 hours! 

Bean Bag Toss

We picked this game up a couple years ago at Target and it has made an appearance at several parties. Super cute game for all ages! 

 Pin the Spider on the Web!

We love this game for a class party! If you need more time in your rotation, have the kids decorate their spiders before playing. Bring stickers or have them draw and cut out their own spider. We used THIS printable. 

Mummy Wrap

At EVERY Halloween party I've ever helped with, this one is a HUGE hit! We'll divide the kids in groups and see who can wrap their "mummy" the fastest. To make it cost effective, we use toilet paper from the Dollar Store. 

Halloween Coloring and Push Pin Art

There are so many options with coloring books! Easy? Color with crayons. Slightly messier? Have them paint their page with watercolors. 

Real cool? Push pin art! Stack the coloring page on top of a black piece of construction paper. The coloring page will be a guide. Sit on the carpet and use a push pin to poke holes all around the black lines of the coloring page. When you hold it up to the light, the sun will shine through the holes, revealing the image! 

Mummy Bowling

When I saw these at Target, I was obsessed! The perfect activity for a class party - and easy to store away to use year after year. 

Spider Donuts

We made these last year in my daughter's 4th grade class and they were a hit! We used chocolate donuts, chocolate frosting, chocolate sprinkles, eyeball sprinkles and pretzels! Don't forget to bring plastic knives, plates and napkins or wipes. 

Halloween Story Time

In my daughter's first grade class, we had a story time rotation during her class party. They had popcorn or treats to munch on and we read them a favorite Halloween tale! Honestly, they LOVED it and I was surprised how well they sat still. Some of our favorites? Room on the Broom and How to Catch a Witch

Witch Hat Toss

This is another Target find that has been in our Halloween box for years! A great activity for any and all ages, and comes with the rings! 

Halloween Reading Countdown

This is a bonus for all you librarians and readers! The Halloween reading countdown would be perfect to handout to your classes. Have them bring it back on Halloween for a spooky surprise! 

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 Wishing you all the luck during this fun and crazy class party season! 

xo Alexa 

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